It Pays to Have Prestige™

  • Discounted monthly fees with direct deposit or Federal Benefit Enrollment 2
  • Earn cash back on your prepaid card for qualified purchases
  • Direct Deposit your paycheck for easy loading
  • Receive your Federal Benefits via direct deposit up to 4 days early 6
  • Try our new mobile optimized cardholder site
  • Receive text notifications for all balance changes1
  • Transfer money between cards with MoneyShare2
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There are many ways to load your prepaid card

You can also load cash using the following load networks or at these convenient retail locations.

Federal Benefit Enrollment

Load 15 different types of Federal Benefit programs like Social Security & SSI directly onto your PrestigePay card

With complimentary Early Access you can receive your federal benefits via Direct Deposit!6

direct depot payroll card Enroll Today!

Use your PrestigePay card to load the following Federal Benefit programs via Direct Deposit:

  • Social Security
  • Social Security Disability Insurance
  • Supplementary Security Income
  • Black Lung
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Civil Service Retirement
  • Civil Service Survivor
  • Military Active
  • Military Civilian Pay
  • Military Pension/Retirement
  • Railroad Unemployment/Sickness
  • Veterans Compensation/Pension
  • Veterans Education and Select Reserve
  • Veterans Education MGIB
  • Veterans Life Insurance
  • Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation

How to Ingo

Here at PrestigePay, we know that loading money onto your prepaid card is important. That's why we are so excited to welcome InGo Money, a new app that let's you load approved checks directly onto your PrestigePay Prepaid Card with your smartphone.

download ingo app


Install the free Ingo Money app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store onto your smartphone.

create ingo account


Create your Ingo account and enter your eligible PrestigePay Card info into the app.

deposit your check


Place your check on any solid background. Using your smartphone, take a photo of the front and back.

funds available


Choose to access your money in minutes for a 1% or 4% fee depending on check type (with a minimum fee of $5 per transaction), or in 10 days for no fee. Ingo does the rest!

Easy Fee Schedule

  • No signature or PIN purchase fees
  • Discounted monthly fees with direct deposit or Federal Benefit Enrollment 2
  • No overdraft fees4
  • No minimum balance requirement

Plus All These Extras!

  • One complimentary ATM withdrawal per month 2
  • No charge for cash back with PIN purchases
  • One complimentary replacement card per year 2
  • No charge for withdrawing cash inside a financial institution
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Transfer money in real time to any other PrestigePay Prepaid card2

money share logo

Two-Way Texting is Here!1

  • Receive a transaction receipt every time you make a purchase
  • Receive a text message every time the balance on your card changes
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Managing your finances just got easier, with two-way texting. You can text the codes below to receive account information right on your phone!*


Text "TEXTME" to: 42537 to activate the two-way messaging


Text any of the codes to the right to: 42537 to receive account info

Available Codes:

  • BAL - To get available and holds balance
  • HELP - Program contact info
  • INFO - Get the list of available options
  • PEND - Get the list of pending deposits to your card in the next 48 hours
  • TEXTME - Start getting text messages
  • STOP - Stop getting text messages