Fee Schedule

Fee schedules may vary depending on where you purchased your card. Log in to your online portal to view the fee schedule associated with your account.

Type Cost Details
Adding Funds To/From Your Card
Retail Load N/A N/A
MoneyGram Load N/A N/A
Western Union Reload N/A N/A
GreenDot Reload N/A N/A
Direct Deposit N/A N/A
Card-to-Card Transfer N/A N/A
Card-to-Card Transfer N/A N/A
Bank-to-Card Transfer N/A N/A
Cardholder-to-Cardholder Transfer N/A N/A
Removing Funds From Your Card
ACH Unload $1.00 Per ACH Unload
Retail Unload N/A N/A
MoneyGram Unload N/A N/A
Western Union Unload N/A N/A
Green Dot Unload N/A N/A
ATM Withdrawal (US) $2.50 ATM Withdrawal ****One Free ATM
$2.50 Withdrawal OR Withdrawal per month, capped
at $500
ATM Withdrawal (Int’l) $3.95 Per ATM Withdrawal (Int’l)
POS PIN Debit Purchase N/A N/A
POS Signature Purchase $N/A N/A
POS PIN Debit Purchase (Int’l) 3% Of total transaction
POS Signature Purchase (Int’l) 3% Of total transaction
Bank Teller Withdrawal $2.50 Per Withdrawal at Mastercard Member Bank
Other Fees
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.50 Per ATM Balance Inquiry
ATM Withdrawal (Declined) $1.00 Per declined ATM Withdrawal
ATM Withdrawal (Declined (Int’l) $1.00 Per declined ATM Withdrawal (Int’l)
POS PIN Purchase (Declined) $0.25 Per Authorization or Purchase Declined
POS PIN Purchase (Declined) (Int’l) N/A N/A
POS SIG Purchase (Declined) (Int’l) N/A N/A
Automated System Customer Service N/A N/A
Live Agent Customer Service Fee $3.00 No fee if calling to dispute a transaction on your card account.
Monthly Fee $2.95 With Qualifying Direct Deposit. $7.95 Without Direct Deposit. $2.95 per month with minimum direct deposit of $500. Direct deposits must post prior to 7:00 AM Eastern on the last day of the month.
$7.95 per month without direct deposit.
Weekly Fee N/A N/A
Inactivity Fee $4.95 Charged after 90 days of inactivity. Will replace monthly fee
Close Card $4.95 Fee charged when card is closed and a remaining balance is sent via paper check.
Replace Card $9.95 One replacement at no cost per year.
Expedite Card $29.95 Applies to shipping speed from card facility
New Card $4.95 Charged after first load
Custom Card N/A N/A
Card Activation N/A N/A