Fee Schedules

The Fee Schedule displayed below may not be applicable to your specific PrestigePay card, and is provided only as an example of possible fees on your card. Fee schedules may vary depending on where you purchased your card. Log in to your online portal to view the fee schedule associated with your account.

Program Charges
Activation Fee No Charge
Monthly Fee (with any Direct Deposit or Federal Benefit load) No Charge
Monthly Fee (without any Direct Deposit or Federal Benefit load) $4.95
Spend Money
POS Purchase (Signature, PIN, Internet/Phone) No Charge
POS Purchase (PIN w/ Cash Back) No Charge
VIP Hint:

Avoid ATM Withdrawal fees by taking Cash Back with PIN Purchases!

Authorization Decline $0.25
ACH Unload (When funds are withdrawn from your Card Account using our bank routing number and your account number) $1.00
Add Money
Direct Deposit / ACH Load / Federal Benefit Load / PayPal No Charge
Western Union / MoneyGram / GreenDot / ReadyLink No Charge
Card to Card Transfer No Charge
Retail Reload (Over-the-counter load at PrestigePay Agent locations) No Charge
Get Cash
ATM Withdrawal (1 Complimentary ATM Withdrawal per month) $2.50
VIP Hint:

PrestigePay is registered with the MoneyPass Surcharge-Free ATM Network. Download the MoneyPass Mobile App or click here to find the Surcharge-Free ATM nearest you today!

ATM Withdrawal (International) $3.95
ATM Withdrawal (Declined) $1.00
Unload Card (Over-the-counter withdrawal at PrestigePay Agent locations) No Charge
Withdrawal (Over-the-counter withdrawal at a Financial Institution) No Charge
VIP Hint:

Avoid ATM Withdrawal fees by withdrawing cash inside a Financial Institution!

Balance Inquiries
Check Your Balance Online No Charge
Check Your Balance in our Mobile App No Charge
SMS Balance Change Notifications1 No Charge
ATM Balance Inquiry $1.50
VIP Hint:

Download the PrestigePay Mobile App in the App Store or Google Play to check balance and view transaction history anytime on the go!

Account Management Fees
Online Account Access No Charge
Mobile App Account Access No Charge
Concierge Department (844-476-2786) No Charge
Customer Service (No fee if calling to dispute a transaction on your card account) $3.00
VIP Hint:

Avoid Customer Serivce charges by calling our Concierge Department at (844) 476-2786, Monday thru Friday from 9am to 7pm EST.

Service Fees
Replacement Card (1 free replacement per year) $9.95
Expedite Card $29.95
Paper Statement $5.95
Inactivity Fee (Charged after 90 days of inactivity) $4.95
Close Card (Request paper check for balance on card) $4.95